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To recognize, in such manner and in accordance with such parameters, institutions of skill education and training and affiliate such institutions.

To develop credit framework in accordance with the National Occupational Standards

To develop Qualification Packs and Occupational Standards for identified job roles in consultation with the Sector Skill Councils or National Skills Qualification Committee and industry

To align qualifications, course programs to National Skills Qualification Framework.

To identify and collaborate with industries for purposes of practical training of students in skills and to define norms for recognition of competency.

To collaborate and co-operate with institutions to conceptualize, innovate, design, and evaluate educational and research programmes in skill education and training purposes.

To institute courses of study and hold examinations for and confer degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions on persons who have pursued a prescribed course of study in the University including part courses carried out in any other University or recognized institutes for the purpose.

To admit colleges and institutes, not maintained by the University, to the privileges of the University, and to withdraw all or any of such privileges.

To establish and maintain colleges, schools, centers, divisions, departments, institutes relating to skill education and training.


Promoting Excellence in Skill Education in an integrated and holistic manner.


To emerge as one amongst the foremost institutions of quality in Skill Education recognized at National and International arena.


BVOC in Accounting and Taxation paves way for 12th passed students and students gain a deeper perspective on the course at the same time train them in the sector. They can go on to build their career in areas surrounding International Financing, Taxation, Auditing Offices, Real Estate Financing, Budget Analysis, Management Accounting Offices, Corporate Finance Offices, and other such. They can choose to become Revenue Agent, Assistant Manager, Accountant, Tax Policy Analyst, Assistant Manager, Marketing Manager, Personal Finance Consultant, Corporation Taxation, Employment Tax Specialist, Executive Indirect Taxation, and other such.

Tax Policy Analysis

Prepare sales, income tax returns, excise, payroll and much more.

Average Salary/ Annum: INR 3 to 4 lacs


Prepare assets, liability, analyze account information, auditing documents.

Average Salary/ Annum: INR 2.5 to 3 lacs

Corporation Taxation

Carry on operating procedures, statuses for business corporations.

Average Salary/ Annum: INR 3 to 4 lacs

Assistant Manager

Oversee the performance of customers, run managerial tasks, provide customer service and other duties.

Average Salary/ Annum: INR 5 to 6 lacs

Marketing Manager

Developing, implementing, designing and executing strategies for businesses.

Average Salary/ Annum: INR 6 to 8 lacs

Revenue Agent

Identify and collect taxes, audit taxes and much more.

Average Salary/ Annum: INR 3 to 6 lacs